Business Insurance

Insurance is a vital part of any business. Without insurance coverage, who is going to foot the bill should an employee get hurt on the job or if a disaster strikes? The only person responsible for protecting your business is you; make sure that you are covered in all aspects.
There are a lot of different coverage options for businesses. Not only can you get general business coverage (usually in the form of a “Business Owner’s Policy”), but you can also get coverage for the specialized needs of your business. Many insurance agencies can offer the following policies:
  • General Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Property
  • Errors & Omissions
  • And more…
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Your business can be your financial life line; with all that you have invested, it only makes sense to have it protected in every way. Gulf Coast Insurance, LLC, is a business too, so we understand your needs. Contact us today and fill out our free business insurance quote form.

Commercial Property Insurance

Although, most business owner policies (BOPs) do provide coverage for property, this most often pertains only to the actual structure of your business. Under a BOP, generally, the structure of your business is covered from events of “peril” (i.e. weather-related damage) and causes of loss (i.e. robbery). What about the furniture, computers, and equipment in your building? Who will cover the cost of replacing an outdoor sign?
This is where Commercial Property Insurance comes in. A typical Commercial Property Insurance policy will cover the property of your business that a BOP will not. Most insurance agencies can compile a Commercial Property Insurance line to include coverage for:
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  • Structure (building) of your business
  • Furniture
  • Equipment
  • Lost inventory
  • Landscaping
  • Outdoor signs
  • Damage to the property of others
  • And more…
Commercial Property Insurance is customizable in most cases, allowing you to provide more coverage for the things that truly matter to your business, and less coverage to the things that do not. Don’t think you need Commercial Property coverage? Consider this: if a fire erupts in the building of your business and you lose your entire inventory, are you positive that your BOP provides enough coverage to replace it all? If someone breaks into your business and steals expensive equipment, are you positive your BOP provides enough coverage to replace it in full?
Contact Gulf Coast Insurance, LLC, right away for a free quote and more information on Commercial Property Insurance. We are a business too, so we understand your complex needs and the importance of comprehensive insurance.

General Liability Insurance


Does your business have enough liability coverage?

Can your business ever have too much?

It’s true—today, even the smallest of mishaps can result in large lawsuits. That’s why all of us at Gulf Coast Insurance, LLC, take your protection seriously.
General liability insurance in Florida, along with property and worker’s compensation insurance, is a crucial tool for most businesses. Liability insurance specifically protects the assets of a business when it is sued for something it may have – or have not – done to cause personal injury or property damage.
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General liability coverage addresses accidents stemming from on-site accidents, as well as any injuries or damages incurred as a result of using goods or services sold on-premises. In addition to the financial limits of the policy, its coverages can be designed to cover supplemental payments for attorney fees, court costs and other expenses associated with a claim or the defense of a liability suit.

At Gulf Coast Insurance, LLC, we’re experts on determining the exact protection you and your business needs. The amount or level of coverage a business may require relies on a few key factors: perceived risk and the state in which you operate.

Our highly skilled agents strive to help you consider all aspects of your business to ensure that you are secure with the most appropriate general liability insurance in Florida available. From first considering the amount of risk associated with your business – to then addressing Florida-specific regulations, we help to customize a policy plan that works for you.

You can learn more about general liability coverage for businesses by speaking with one of our trusted agents today. Contact Gulf Coast Insurance, LLC, for more information, one of our dedicated insurance experts would be happy to take your questions and provide you with a free quote for general liability insurance in Florida right now!

Excess Liability (Umbrella) Insurance

As a Florida business owner, you worry for the future of your company and staying afloat when many businesses are going under. Owning and operating a successful business has required you to be a risk taker, fearless and resilient in the face of adversity. But, what would you do if you were served with a lawsuit? Would your Florida business be able to withstand the financial devastation of a lawsuit?
A Florida excess liability policy will cover your business from catastrophic issues that threaten its security. An excess liability policy acts as an umbrella to your basic liability insurance when a claim is made against you that exceeds the amount of your existing coverage. Excess liability provides a safety net when your other coverage’s have been exhausted.
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Your basic FL insurance policies are essential for your business’s survival. They offer your company a blanket of security with so many risks and dangers working toward bringing you down. But, unfortunately, these coverage’s will only cover you to a certain extent.
Give your Florida business the coverage it needs with excess liability from Gulf Coast Insurance, LLC. Contact us right now for more information or fill out the free, no obligation form to receive a fast quote.

Commercial Auto

Many states require individuals to purchase auto insurance to protect their cars. Car insurance is mandated for good reason- if you get into an accident, you and the other driver involved will be thankful you have coverage. If you are a business owner whose company has a fleet of vehicles, the same auto insurance needs still apply.
Even if your employees use company cars for both business and personal use, it would be good to look into purchasing a commercial auto policy for your business. If the business is the owner of the vehicle, make sure the name of the business appears on the policy as the “principal insured” rather than your name.
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Whether your company needs to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy is dependent on the type of driving its employees do. Our agents will sit down with you and explain your business’s auto insurance options. You will be asked about how your employees use their vehicles, which employees drive company cars, and if some employees will be using their own cars for company work and travel.
We understand that you may have questions about the type of coverage that may be right for you. Our friendly agents will walk you through your insurance shopping, and search the country to find you the best rate. Contact us today or call (239) 403-3940 to learn more about your options- or get a free commercial auto insurance quote right now!

Workers Compensation


At Gulf Coast Insurance, LLC, we pride ourselves on being experts within the Florida insurance industry. Our extensive insurance knowledge and ability to form mutually beneficial relationships with our clients has enabled us to recognize unique sets of risk—and furthermore develop advanced insurance strategies in which we can battle them. One issue in particular that demands expert attention—Florida workers compensation.

At Gulf Coast Insurance, LLC, we understand that your business is your greatest investment, which is exactly why we are dedicated to helping you distinguish what you need to safeguard your team and your business venture right now.
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In its simplest form, the Florida workers comp system strives to be the most effective process available to get an injured worker back to the workforce as soon as possible. It provides the employee with peace of mind; reassuring them that if an on-site accident did happen to occur, they would receive appropriate medical attention—without the heightened cost.
As a business owner, you are required to have Florida workers compensation coverage, in order to comply with state and federal regulations; but that doesn’t mean that just any policy from just any old agency will do. You need expert coverage strategies and advice tailored by the leading FL insurance specialists found here at Gulf Coast Insurance, LLC.
The right Florida workers comp package will help protect your employees in the event of injury or illness during the course of employment. Our inclusive solutions can provide coverage for:
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income/wages
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Death benefits
  • And more…
Here at Gulf Coast Insurance, LLC, we can provide you with a Florida workers compensationpackage that is specifically designed to meet your distinct business needs. Through a careful evaluation and review of your operation we can determine exactly what your unique business venture needs to adequately protect your employees.

Contact us right now, to learn more about our Florida workers compensation packages, and how you can better protect your business and your team today!

Bond Insurance

A bond is basically a loan in which the lender is a common everyday consumer and the borrower is the government, an agency, or a company. The U.S. Treasury, municipalities, and companies issue or sell bonds to obtain certain amounts of money to fund their day-to-day operations or to finance specific projects. Purchase of bonds enables the borrower to invest cash that will eventually be returned, sometimes with added interest.
Because bonds are actually loans, the amount of the bond is the principle, and interest is paid on the principle: usually at a fixed rate. Bond insurance protects the issuer if they are unable to follow through on their end of the “bond bargain.” By paying an insurance premium, the bond issuer gains the security of knowing that the principle and interest of the bond will be paid for if the issuer in unable to do so.
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How bonds are classified depends on several factors, including:
  • Whether or not they are secured or unsecured
  • Maturity rating
  • Tax status
  • Financial reliability of the issuer
Bond insurance, therefore, will correspond to the rating of the bond and is calculated based on the risk of failure to repay the bond. The only bonds that are not usually insured are government bonds, since the risk of failure to repay is minor.

When a bond issuer wants to assure potential investors that a bond is really and truly safe, they often turn to a bond insurer, like Gulf Coast Insurance, LLC. We can make both you and your potential investors feel comfortable and secure with their bond purchase. Simply fill out our quick online form today for a free quote on bond insurance.